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Supreme Court Issues Yet Another Decision Requiring LUPA Petitions To Be Filed And Served Within 21 Days

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On October 2, 2013, the Washington State Supreme Court denied review of a Court of Appeals opinion that affirmed a zoning decision by the City of Tacoma, allowing the Court of Appeals opinion and the City’s zoning decision to stand. In Northshore Investors, LLC v. City of Tacoma, 301 P.3d 1049 (2013), the Court of… Continue Reading

GordonDerr Combines Practices with Van Ness Feldman

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GordonDerr is excited to announce that the firm is combining with Van Ness Feldman, a nationally and regionally recognized energy, environment, transportation, and natural resources law and public policy firm with offices in Seattle and Washington, DC.  The combined firm will help a broad, national range of clients successfully navigate the next generation of real… Continue Reading

Repealing GMA? Might Washington follow Florida’s lead?

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The Florida State Legislature repealed its growth management legislation last spring.  While Florida’s repeal still permits local jurisdictions to implement growth management planning tools by their own choice, there are no longer state mandates (nor state oversight) in Florida to do so.  Economic development and jobs were the key reasons articulated for the repeal.  Washington’s Growth… Continue Reading

Seattle: The Wild Wild West When It Comes to Signs?

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According to a recent Crosscut article Seattle is “the Wild West” for outdoor signage, where bigger, brighter, bolder, and brazenly illegal signs are polluting the streetscape.  The article focuses on the proliferation of wall-covering vinyl signs and how the City has allowed these signs through a loophole in the sign ordinance.  The article concludes that the… Continue Reading

Seattle to Replace Vacant Lots Downtown with Art, Vendors & Community Gardens

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Seattle’s City Council unanimously approved a pilot program  that will enliven downtown lots left vacant after the real estate bust.  The City hopes to replace parking lots with public art, mobile food vending, retail kiosks, tree nurseries, community gardens, or any other similar use that enlivens the area for pedestrians. Is this Seattle’s first step toward… Continue Reading

Can Mediation Resolve Land Use Disputes?

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In September, King County Superior Court launched a pilot program to explore whether mandatory mediation can help resolve disputes earlier in litigation.  Under the program, approximately 1,800 randomly selected cases will receive a modified case schedule that will include two additional deadlines: a deadline for submitting a mediation plan and a deadline for completing mediation… Continue Reading

Conservation Easements vs. Fee Simple Acquisitions: Part 2 (Conservation Tools Report)

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This is Part 2 of a series of blog entries that focuses on conservation easements and fee simple acquisitions. Part 1 provides an overview of the debate over the use of conservation easements vs. fee simple acquisitions. The need to consider particular conservation goals for each property when determining the appropriate conservation tool is underscored… Continue Reading

Conservation Easements vs. Fee Simple Acquisitions: Part 1

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Conservation easements are used by land trusts and government agencies as an alternative to fee simple acquisitions of land for conservation and recreation purposes.  While most practitioners agree that conservation easements are valuable tools, a debate has been simmering over whether conservation easements should be preferred over fee simple acquisitions. As a statistical matter, the… Continue Reading

Are Open Space and Tree Preservation Ordinances Legal?

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Many jurisdictions either already have, or would like to consider adopting, ordinances that impose minimum open space requirements and/or require protection of a specified number of trees or amount of tree canopy to retain the benefits that open space and tree preservation provide.  In many cases, to keep compliance and implementation simple and predictable, ordinances… Continue Reading