Today, Governor Inslee signed an executive order establishing a Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce to provide recommendations on the design and implementation of a carbon emission limits and market mechanisms program to reduce carbon pollution and stimulate clean energy development in Washington State.  The Taskforce will include Governor-appointed representatives of business, labor, public interests, and public health and will be asked to participate in the best interests of the current and future citizens of Washington State.  Their advice and recommendations will inform legislation to be requested by the Governor for consideration during the 2015 legislative session.

The Order includes the following goals:

·         Reduce carbon emissions through new cap-and-market program

·         Reduce and phase out use of coal for electric generation

·         Strategies, policies, and investments to support clean transportation options and cleaner fuels

·         Accelerate development and deployment of clean energy technology

·         Increase private and commercial energy efficiency

·         Reduce state government’s carbon footprint through efficiency

Studies indicate that a program to limit carbon emissions — implemented through market mechanisms — would result in a net increase of 19,300 jobs and increased economic output of $3.3 billion in Washington by 2020.